Video Production

A Streamlined Video Production for YouTube

If you have been thinking of starting your own YouTube channel, do not have a clue where to start from, then you have come to the right place. This articles will talk about all the aspects of video production for Youtube. You do not need a well set up studio to start your channel. All you need is a little editing skill, your laptop, and your smartphone to begin with. Later, when you channel starts growing, you can start adding more components in it. This step by step process will help you understand the video production for Youtube while also learning some pro tricks.

The Setup

First, you will need to create space for your work. If you want the right growth for your channel, you will need the set up a working environment where you can dedicate your time to create and edit your videos. You will need a camera, an audio recording device, lights, screen recording, and the right tool to edit your videos. You can add more components like CGI background and secondary microphone according to your needs. Make sure all your components are working before you start recording your video.

Video recording

Video Recording

You can keep a script for your videos to avoid forgetting any important points or give a free talk on the topic that you want to record. When you are using two separate video recording and audio recording devices, you can use a clapper to synchronize the video and sound in editing. Same goes for using multiple cameras. When you complete the recording, you need to keep all the files in a single folder, from where you can start editing.

Video Editing

You can either learn video editing or hire an editor to edit your videos. It will play a key part in the process that will really make your videos shine. You will require creativity and technical skills to achieve what you have envisioned in your head. A good video editing can take up to two to three hours to finish, especially when you are adding effects or memes to your video.


Creating a video thumbnail

Now that the entire video is made and edited, the last part is to have an attractive thumbnail for your video that will gain more clicks for you on Youtube. It should be enticing enough to attract people to click on the play button. If you cannot think of anything at the moment, you can use a good frame from your video to use as a thumbnail. There are free tools available that offer to create a thumbnail for your video, but it is always better to design your original thumbnail to gain an authentic audience who will come to watch your content. Now that everything is set, you can post your video on Youtube and start earning views for your creative content.

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